I UK [ˈsʌbstɪˌtjuːt] / US [ˈsʌbstɪˌtut] verb
Word forms "substitute":
present tense I/you/we/they substitute he/she/it substitutes present participle substituting past tense substituted past participle substituted
1) [transitive] to use something new or different instead of what is normally used

Instead of using silicon, they have substituted a more flexible material.

substitute something for something:

You can substitute chicken for beef if you don't like red meat.

The objective is to substitute real democratic politics for conflict and violence.

a) [transitive] to remove one thing and put something else in its place

She suggested that we take out the word "demand" and substitute "request".

substitute something for something:

Police investigators substituted Palmer's bag for a similar one, then followed him to his hideout.

substitute something with something:

Owing to the high insurance costs, the original painting has been substituted with a copy.

b) [often passive] to replace a member of a sports team with another player during a game

Beckham limped off with an injured ankle and was substituted by Fowler.

3) [intransitive] to do someone else's job for a short period of time
substitute for:

Mark will substitute for me tomorrow.

Derived word:
II UK [ˈsʌbstɪˌtjuːt] / US [ˈsʌbstɪˌtut] noun [countable]
Word forms "substitute":
singular substitute plural substitutes
1) something that is used instead of something else

We couldn't get cream, so we used yoghurt as a substitute.

a milk/sugar/meat substitute

substitute for:

a synthetic substitute for rubber

a) [only before noun] used as a substitute

a substitute form of energy

b) something that people accept instead of something else, even though they know that it is not as good or as useful

Rituals and superstitions may become a substitute for a religious life.

a poor/inadequate substitute:

Of course a pet is a poor substitute for human companionship.

be no substitute for something (= to not be as good):

Feeling sorry for someone is no substitute for love.

a) someone who does someone else's job temporarily
b) a player who replaces another member of his or her team during a match

English dictionary. 2014.

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